Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Turkey Buffalo Balls

Eat These!

So, now that you know what to do I have to warn you, this is more of a review.  I take none of the credit for this concoction.  If you simply want to know how to make it in its original form (yes I made some awesome changes, because... well... BWW Sauces are great!) please check out the original recipe! (Apparently it was written for all the single ladies.)

Things I Changed:

  • I used Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic Sauce instead of Frank's Red Hot & Butter.
    (I did this because I have an unhealthy addiction to that awesome garlicy sauce.)
  • I sprinkled the top of the finished product with Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) Powder for some extra super hotness.
  • I considered adding crumbled bacon to the mixture and chickened out.  In retrospect I don't know what I was afraid of... Bacon is Awesome!  Will add next time, you should your first try!
    (Let me know how it goes in the comments if you try this please!)
  • This isn't a change, but I decided to go with Turkey instead of chicken.
So, I was a bit alarmed at how watery the mixture felt.  Don't be, they solidified quite well during cooking.  Also, never having cooked turkey balls before I thought I had screwed up when I pulled them out at 10 minutes to dip in sauce.  I discovered all the extra junk was the drained turkey fat on the tray.  I didn't do this, but I strongly recommend getting rid of it in between dipping and reheating the balls.

These turned out fantastic for a first try.  Flavour-wise I'd give them a 8/10, but the consistency is a little funny to me.  I had to heat longer to help with that and even after an extra 6 minutes in the oven the consistency is not what I'm used to, so I give that a 6/10.  But then again, I've never had ground turkey anything.

Have any suggestions for me for next time?  Leave a comment below!  Enjoy! (or else)

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